SSH-3-PACK_INTEG_ERROR error on 4500 switch

Logs shows the below error

 “%SSH-3-PACK_INTEG_ERROR: Packet integrity error (4 bytes remaining)”


This message is a warning message that indicates a SSHv2 packet was received and there was some left over data past the End of Message. This could be something wrong with the packet or it could be left over data on the channel (abnormal close of the channel, etc).

To confirm that packets are corrupted on the way we need to do as follows:
– configure SPAN port on the switch and perform packet capture of incoming packets to the switch itself
– perform packet capture on the client itself at the same time to be able to compare that packets were not corrupted on the way

Normally if the message is occurring periodically then it should just be taken as informational and ignored. There is no functional impact resulting from the message with the exception of the SSH session being closed.

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