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NETSTACK-5-INVALID_NOTIFY:” error messages are cosmetic and will not going to impact the Services.

In order to resolve this issue, please decrease the logging level for netstack to 3.

# logging level netstack 3

NX_SW8426 %NETSTACK-3-IP_INTERNAL_ERROR: netstack [3426] Failed to get IP VRF name 0

%NETSTACK-3-IP_INTERNAL_ERROR: netstack [3426] -Traceback: 0x80d6475 0x83d260f 0x84208e7 0x84246dc 0x840f848 0x83ab1bc 0x816a7e7 0x816b
811 0x81754c8 0x8161a1a 0x80ab8cd 0x8081393 0x80b91ec

NEXUS 5548

2019 Oct 3 18:07:02.586 SWITCHNAME %NETSTACK-5-INVALID_NOTIFY: netstack [3593] ip_is_addr_local_vip:Failed to get IP API VRF 0

2019 Oct 3 18:07:02.587 SWITCHNAME %NETSTACK-3-IP_INTERNAL_ERROR: netstack [3593] Failed to get IP VRF by name (null)

2019 Oct 3 18:07:02.589 SWITCHNAME %NETSTACK-3-IP_INTERNAL_ERROR: netstack [3593] -Traceback: 0x80d9e2f 0x80d9ee2 0x817ce62 0x817d19a 0x817e1d6 0x816c630 0x8176628

0x8162ad9 0x80ab98d 0x8081423 0x80b97dc

Solution: – addressed in Bug CSCur20112. Upgrade the device to avoid this error

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